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All our classes and courses are run with close instructor-student supervision ratios and so all classes have limited spaces.

We have an amazing dojo in the west end of Paisley with competition-standard matting, free-standing and portable strike equipment, crash mats, a specialised medi-kit and the staff are trained to use it, as well as all instructors being Disclosure Scotland checked at Enhanced level.

We have an excellent safety record, despite the agility, weaponry and combat disciplines taught. This is in part due to the excellent and attentive instructors, using the best equipment we can afford, and making sure that we don’t put more students on the floor than are appropriate to the class type.

Our Demo Team has been called to perform and teach all over Britain, including the Earl’s Court International Sports Show and we maintain good relationships with Curtis Page & the GBMAA as well as Paisley Karate Club, Renfrewshire Council, Twist and Hit Cheerleading, Clyde Judo Club, Renfrewshire Council, Police Scotland Giovanni Soffietto & the British Martial Arts And Boxing Association and other local and national organisations.

We provide courses and workshops to schools in Renfrewshire that combine health and fitness, defensive martial arts, fitness and motivational speaking to help keep the students motivated and make sure they understand that peer pressure is not always good and that you can stand up to it without making yourself an easy target for bullying.