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SafeGuard is the proprietary civilian and professional combat and situation management training system of Street Safe Exec-Protect (Part of the British Martial Arts Federation).

The system was developed by us, originally, for Strathclyde Police and the Paisley Centre Security personnel in 1992 to teach self-defence, control and restraint. It was modified for women’s safety classes that we taught with Strathclyde Police and then modified and augmented for many different career and personal duties, such as personal safety for RGN, RMN, Ambulance Personnel, Police Officers, Prison Officers, Airport Security Staff, bodyguards and many more. We also teach executives and reps to protect themselves and possessions when out and about to prevent carjacking and other threats.

Due to having our courses plagiarised in the past, we do not publish course content on the web, but we are happy to discuss the courses in person.

We can also devise a course to suit your needs and built around your requirements.

"SafeGuard Training. Like a lot of men, I like to think I could more or less handle myself if I was attacked, but, like most, to be honest I know I could still learn some useful techniques to better my chances of getting away unharmed. Street Safe offer the "SafeGuard" training course, which is a very effective system of defence against a range of attack situations. It uses common sense approaches combined with input from years of martial arts experience, and tailors techniques to the individual- child or adult, young or old, male or female, able bodied or those with challenges. Lessons are taught in a relaxed yet respectful atmosphere with emphasis on personal attention and questions are welcome. In all, it is a well-rounded course which gives extra confidence, especially to those who may have concerns about increased danger in certain situations or places, or just those who, like myself, would like to be more confident in their ability to defend themselves."

"Safeguard is one of the most realistic and effective self defence systems in the country right now. It is perfect for those who want to learn quickly but with maximum professional teaching. Craig and his team have the highest standards and this course has been thoroughly well designed."


Due to significant demand, we have developed a child-friendly version of SafeGuard.

Child-Shield has a great number of the elements from the Civilian SafeGuard system but has been carefully built to accommodate the risks that children have to face as they grow, as well as the sensitivity that comes with kids that age. We don’t want to see kids deprived of their innocence, but they have the right to be safe, so the content is moderated so that there is no undue sense of fear, or increased culpable violence.

Street Safe has been teaching kids from 4 years old for more than 22 years.

Child-Shield is suitable for all children of primary school age with increasing detail and complexity as age increases.

The courses are taught undiluted at Street Safe but we can tailor the components to suit the project requirements, aim and objectives. As students increase in proficiency, they will earn certificates to identify what they have accomplished.

SafeGuard Photos

We would like to thank all the girls from the SafeGuard course in October 2014 for allowing us to use photos of their 7 week (14 lesson) induction training course. It’s often not appropriate to take or share photos from these courses, but the high-school groups that came to try at the Bield were happy to share their fun. So much fun, in fact that they asked us to develop a class for them so they could keep coming after their course has elapsed. We now have a SafeGuard class on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings.

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